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Amp repairs


alex davis
Posted on Sunday, December 22, 2002 - 04:55 pm:   

hey to all

i stumbled upon this sight while trying to find someone who is best qualified to overhaul/repair & tune up my MM 112-65 (it's practically a cherry). i would like to get it back to spec as much as possible as it has given me years of trouble free playing and i am too used to the tone to like anything else (well... under $1000 anyway).

i hope someone can help or point me in the right direction. this is a cool sight but i am not interested in doing the work myself.

have a blessed holiday

gloucester, nc
Posted on Monday, December 23, 2002 - 11:59 am:   

Hi Alex If you Email me I can repair your amp.
musicmanamp@yahoo.com Terry
alex davis
Posted on Wednesday, December 25, 2002 - 06:32 am:   

in the mail, thanks
alex davis
Posted on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 07:48 am:   

i called and talked to terry today... i will be shipping the chassis to him soon. i am really looking fwd to getting this done and 20 more fine years out of this amp!

alex davis
Posted on Sunday, January 12, 2003 - 10:31 am:   

got the amp back from terry on 1/10/03.

everything is right again (thumping good and clean). great service at a more than fair price... thanks terry

alex davis
Posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 06:38 am:   

man this thing sounds better every day now that i am playing it again... it must have been sick for a long time and i just didn't realize it.

i really like the Svetlana EL34 tubes with the GE 12ax7 in the pre section. i had been using Sovtechs all the way until now.

thanks again for the repair and the advice!

alex davis
Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 06:37 pm:   

here it is june 2004... and the amp has been working without fail and stronger than ever.

MM... still the best amp out there in my opinion!

and terry is the MM repair man !

alex davis
Posted on Friday, October 15, 2004 - 05:25 pm:   

ok almost 2 years of regular play and the tubes finally went south... amp getting real noisy.

i popped in a new matched set of Electro-Harmonix EL34s and re-set the bias to 0.5 dcV and i'm good to go!

Steve Kennedy (admin)
Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 10:30 pm:   

I really appreciate your continued diary about your experiences with your amp! This is the kind of real-world experience that is hard to come by on many subjects, especially Music Man amplifiers.

What did Terry do to your amp when you sent it to him? You certainly got a quick turn-around on the repair!


Alez Davis (alex_davis)
Username: alex_davis

Registered: 07-2010
Posted on Monday, July 26, 2010 - 06:24 pm:   

sorry i never responded steve - but here it is 2010 and the amp is still kicking hard! i'm not real sure all that terry did when he had it? i think he replaced some caps or other minor components - all new tubes and set the bias. i have replaced the tubes in it a few times myself and now know how to set the bias thanks the instructions terry sent me - it really is pretty easy. MM rocks!
Mike Kaus (mm210)
Username: mm210

Registered: 05-2006
Posted on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - 07:53 am:   

Alex-I just noticed that I screwed up your real name-sorry. I've gone in and corrected it. Mike.

still a work horse!

here it is may 2016... and this amp is still kicking butt - without fail - and stronger than ever.

MM... still the best amp out there in my opinion (the original MMs)!


mm210's picture

Funny you mention the ORIGNAL

Funny you mention the ORIGNAL MM's. Anybody seen anything of the NEW ones yet? Mike.


still going strong!

Update 2018 (July) - so last March (2017) the tremolo died and several of the pots were getting unacceptably scratchy. I was also possibly (?) interested in having the "FUCHs Mod" done to this amp so I called them to discuss the options. The price was a bit too high to justify the mod but they did have the original optical tremolo chip - so off it went. I don't use the tremolo that often but I want to keep this amp at 100%.

While they had it in the shop Andy emailed me to let me know the tremolo was replaced and running perfect and everything else checked good except the original filter caps (the 2 really big caps) were about shot - so I had him replace those. He installed Nichicon premium caps which are OEM. Turn around time and communication was great, price was about what I expected - fair.

So anyway, it's a 44 year old (100% stock) MM amp and still running like a freight train - you just can't get any better than that!

Awesome to see this site is still up and running!


Yep - still running strong!

I'm pretty sure this amp will long outlive me! I may look into having the speaker rebuilt in the next few years? Maybe for it's 50th bithday?

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