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Joan jet Rig

Ok- I'm going to try this again. My yesterday post went poof. Joan Jett using a 130-2-12. Go forward to 8:42 ( I think)


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That was fun to watch..

That was fun to watch..

Thanks Mike !

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Joan Jett Rig

Yeah...pretty amazing that the amp is still going strong.

What is the purpose of the Ibanez Tube Screamer? Does it have much effect if it is in line with the guitar going to the normal input of the amp. Doesn't that take the signal into a low power Op-Amp chip?

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Geez. People have been

Geez. People have been running the input into gain 1 for years. Y'all tries and see's what y'all likes. Must work for the rockin' Joan! Mike.

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