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New Site

Just a welcome to all of you from the old site. The new site will provide some added extras and easier entry. Hope you all like it. Mike Kaus

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New Site

OK-need to know if anybody is having trouble getting their creds back. You should be able to email me directly if you CAN'T get back on.

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New Site

Ok-apparently THAT is NOT going to work. Not logged in, no access to my email so here:

jbltwin1 at yahoo dot com

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Re-setting Password

When I tried to reset the password I got the message that the info was forwarded. However nothing arrived. Later Steve advised me that it had gone to an address that I now never use!! So I opened up that email address and got the link to reset the password.. Alls well. Thanks. Joe.

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New Site

Was able to set new password with no problem. Thanks for your work - the forum looks very crisp & well designed.

Jochen Wendebaum
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if you are interested in some background, look here.

Don't hesitate to contact me here if there are some issues with the site, registration, passwords and so on.


Ken Morgan

I really appreciate this!

Been trying for a spell to get here - thought it was a PC security problem, then this, then that --- this new lace looks great. You boys done good!

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New Site

Love what you've done with the place, very nice.!!
May I use the bathroom, and where's the bar at ??

All kidding aside, great job & thank you very much for all your hard work putting this site up.


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Its like one of those dreams where you go through a familiar doorway and end up in some luxury mansion.
thumbup. :)

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Ok-I'm impressed. DALEK'S!

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Thanks for the new site -

Thanks for the new site - looks great!!!


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