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Premier Guitar Interview / Demo Video

Premier Guitar magazine just posted this Interview/Demo video about the new Music Man amp line-up to be available in September!



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Say WHAT? I do kind of question, with the trend to go to smaller amps for MOST of us in the real world, why they went with the 130 to START when the 65 is PLENTY unless you are playing HUGE places. The market has been lately trending towards small amps with big tone. I agree with the rd50 but the 130 is a BEAST when you have to load it. And what the hell is that guy SAYING! Also, the other video is showing the rd and the 130 but this one show SOME other head and a BIG cab. Mike.

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They built the models that sold the most...

They are building the 212HD-130 combo, HD-130R Head, 212HD Cabinet and the 112RD-50 models to start, with more to come if things go well. They are also going to sell a new matching Music Man CLB-2 pedal (2-channel Overdrive) to give the amps what the Originals lacked.... a footswitchable 2-channel (i.e, dirty rhythm, dirty lead) overdrive front end.

The re-issue amp models were chosen because of these were the largest sellers of the Music Man family. The fact that the world has changed and a lot of their potential customers can no longer deal with these heavy beasts was addressed through weight reduction (aluminum chassis instead of welded steel, Neodymium speakers instead of Alnico or Ceramic), etc.

No one has seen the insides to judge what else may have been adjusted (smaller transformers perhaps?) but these are a lot like the Fender "re-issues" that use modern technologies to build classic circuitry and are not intended to be exact copies of the originals.


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New Line

Thanks Steve,
Let us know when the new Music Man amp line-up will be available.
2-12 HD 130 is my pick or the RD 50

Clean Machines

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Will there be ways to tell the difference?

Between a reissue or not. Sound or cosmeticly.


A/B test

I intend to get a new RD50 (price permitting) and will compare it to my original RD50

Edit ....... not getting one - not impressed!

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I'm sure there will be big

I'm sure there will be big differences.
One thing for sure the weight of the new amps will be easier on your back.
On sound? The old aLnico speakers will be near impossible to beat. My 4-10 's are crystal clear with wouderful bass response, brilliant highs and prefect mids. Marco is going to have trouble raising the bar here. I not saying they can do it. But how can you improve on somethings near perfect. They will be beautiful on the exterior just like the old one but without that old faded brownish/yellowish speaker grill cloth that I've grown so fond of. That old amber look is MoJo to me. And all the tears and rips and nicks, it just won't be the same look. "That SMELL", hope that will come along with the new amps. The way my old amp makes the room smell when you've got the volume on nine,ten or eleven!! that smell is valve sweet or "tube glow funk" its funky but it a good funky smell. I will miss this smell if not included with the new amp. You know , like when you put the dust cover on and when slipping down over the amp you get a sample of the smell. My new amp must smell like this or it won't be the same.
"MARCO"They've got their hands full.


I'm just a little concerned.

I'm just a little concerned. I have an '81 RD 50 112. These used a 12ax7 and two 6l6gc valves. However the literature implies that the valves will be just the 6L6's - wot, no 12AX7?

Edit 2 July 2014
I am wrong!!! they will be using an ECC83 see specs at

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I wouldn't put just any 6L6 tube in the power section. It is calling for a 6L6gc that is what needs to go there.
The V1 socket is calling for a 12ax7.
I put a 12at7 in the preamp tube socket. I am toning my amp down a little. I have a Music Man 50 10" that needed a little tone down. Any of the tubes 12ax7, 12at7, or 12au7 will work in the V1 scoket but they will lower your gain .
I would just stay with the tubes that are on the tube chart inside your amp.
You'll be blasting with mega tone.


6L6 GC

I did initially mention the 6l6gc in my post but not later on I know, but it's not what designation of 6L6 to use -The point I'm making here is that the (my old) RD50112 used a 12ax7 but the new amps (although purported to be faithful reproductions), do not use a 12AX7.

I’m interested in your comment that you have used a 12at7 in the preamp tube socket - toning your amp down a little.

Do you mean it toned down the gain, or that you reduced the treble (harshness/brittleness) ?

Would be interested to know?

I am wrong!!! they will be using an ECC83 see specs at

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Putting 12at7 in preamp scoket

Yes 12at7 did tone down my RD 50 1-10.
I put a New old stock Telefunken 12at7 in preamp and it made the amp sound more tame or transparent sounding.
My RD 50 is the one with the mid-shift switch instead of the limiter switch.
I play chord solo jazz. The new old stock Telefunken is a very smooth sounding tube. Also,
The tube had very short plates and did cut down on a lot of noise. A big plus too.
The amp lost some but very little gain.
The amp has the EV 10" speaker that boost plenty of bass and mid-bass.
I've got a EV 12 open back cab that really gets the sound out good and clear.

But you know even with all this, my 1974 MM HD 130 4-10 still is my favorite. I have a 12ax7 Tung-Sol in it.

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New RD 50 no preamp tube?

Where did you get this little bit of info about the new RD 50?
Are they not putting a 12ax7 in the preamp section of the new amps?


RD 50 specifications

If you go to this link, you can download the RD 50 spec sheet

.... and just as well I did!!! Because I am totally wrong. They will have an ECC83 not a 12 ax7 along with 6L6's.

..... Sorry, nothing to see .... move along :-)

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You had me worried there.
The amp will be made in Italy so ECC83 European will be installed you had me worried.
But the same animal as 12ax7.


eastwards ho!

I've heard that they will be manufactured in a location a lot more east than Chieti Italy :-) Hope that means that what with EC trading tax laws they will be at least on Price parity with the USA?
Talking of which - does anybody know the RRP prices yet?

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Music Man Amp by Mark

Mark Company are the folks that got the deal with Music Man .
They are located in Italy.
Makers of the great Mark-Bass amps
and D Mark guitar amps.
Street price on a D Mark 100 watt three channel tube guitar amp
$ 1,800.00
But these thing are built like tanks.
That's what I'm expecting to see in the Music Man Amp.
Very well built great support .
Super High end guitar amp.


Rocking horse poo!!

I'd love to have a 130 4-10 (as heavy as they are) but alas that will be unlikely as they are rare as Rocking Horse poo in the UK.
I'm about to revalve my RD50 and will try out the 12at7. Thanks for the info

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cryogenic tubes

Have you heard any cryogenic treated tubes?
I'm ordering a few new preamp tubes
I'm going to try a cryogenic treated Tong-Sol ECC83, And a Eletro-Harmonix ECC83s gold pin cryogenic treated tube.
I'm hoping I'll like the cryo-Treated tube.
Its new what they are doing to vacuum tubes.
I'll be trying them out. Ill hear for myself what they sound like.


Cryogenic or crymoredollars

No I haven't tried them and can only go by someone who has the ears of a bat.

He reckons it's extra money not worth spending... but hey let's go open a can of worms, 'cos I'm sure that there will be people who have been relieved of their extra bucks who swear by them.
I may raise the query on FB where I have a few amp guru "virtual friends" lol

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Just for your info, ECC83 is the European designation for a 12ax7a. ECC81 is 12AT7.

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designation tube id

I know now.
Is the 12ax7 American conference?
And the ECC83 European or international conference?

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yes, 12at7 is American.

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Tung-Sol Cryoset preamp tube

I just tested out a new production Tung-Sol Cryo treated 12ax7s "Gold Pin"
It will be staying in my V1 socket.
It is as close to NOS sounding as i've heard.

It warms things up!
The crunch is smoother.
For $ 24.95 this ECC83s has won me over.
Now if they will last as long as NOS?

This is a inexpensive way to get "very close" to a NOS sound as possible. (NOS $ Telefunken ECC83s $149.00) - (new production Tung-Sol "Cryoset gold pin" ECC83s $24.95)

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