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Site Donations?

I'm sure the guys running this website are independently wealthy, like all of us with AAS or GAS (Amplifier Acquisition Syndrome, Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) but I'd like to chip in to help keep the lights on. How can we do this?

Thanks for this wonderful place!


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The site is owned in whole by

The site is owned in whole by Steve Kennedy. If you want, you could contact him directly and volunteer a donation. Mike.

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Site Donations Accepted... to a point.

Since I started this website back in 1997, I agreed to host it and support it without making it a commercial money-making "store" of any type.  It was and continues to be a free mutual-support web site for the owners of Music Man amplifiers.  While the costs to me personally are relatively low it certainly wouldn't be an issue for me to accept donations to help offset the expenses I incur to keep it alive.

It costs approximately $150-$200 a year for all expenses (multiple URL registrations, business server rental, purchases of vintage Music Man materials (Catalogs, price lists, etc.) for posting and other various expenses I cannot even think to include.

As such, any donations you feel you would like to make can be sent via PayPal to my registered Paypal account. 
Simply go to :   www.paypal.com         Then "Send Money" to me at my email address:      steve@pacair.com
You do not need to have a Paypal account and can send funds via any eligible major credit card.  Paypal account holders can also use account balance funds or personal bank accounts for donations as well.

It has been tougher to meet these expenses since I was laid-off from my regular job almost 2 years ago but I have been able to cover it so far with the help of Mike Kaus (our Registration Moderator) and Jochen Wendebaum (who volunteered to completely redesign the site and delivered in record time)!  Donations would be graciously accepted and will only be applied to the running and maintenance this site requires.




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