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New MM Amps - New Controls

I noticed there is new information available on the "New" Music Man Amp line up from Ernie Ball. For example the 112RD50 has a Clean/Limiter switch on the front panel.


Has anyone seen these available anywhere?


BS speaker...really?

Since it's a large spaker, it's ok to say 'that's a lot of BS' :o)
The RD-50 seems to be created with the original setup with the clean/limiter switch on the amp, not the 'mid-shift' of the last vintage revision. Personally I don't understand why there would be a need to recreate the 212 HD amp - while it was the biggest seller and considered the premium flagship amp back in the 70's, who the heck lugs a Twin sized amp around anymore? On eBay you can buy the 212 MM combos for a lot less than any other form factor.

Anyhoo, just my 2 cents.

-Lars Verholt

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I Agree. The "twin" size

I Agree. The "twin" size amp was a beast, like my twin. I've had two. Too heavy and too loud in todays world. Hell, my 2-10 65 is too heavy! I've been using either a small bassman head if I need to be "loud" but mostly, been using the 15 watt tube Night Train ( I know, blasphemy!) but it's small light and I can pick it up! My jbl twin hasn't even been turned ON in a couple of years. Gawd, I'm old! Mike.

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Holly Crap Batman! those have gone up. Or they're dreamin'. Mike


And the knobs go from 0 to 10

And the knobs go from 0 to 10. Impressive. mgriffin

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