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Anybody have either the black and silver music man badge (black background/silver raised portion) or the 112 rd 50 badge FS?

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You're best bet,

You're best bet, unfortunately,,, is evilbay. Much larger buying pool. That being said, they don't come up much. SOMEBODY here was going to try to duplicate them, I believe in plastic but don't know if it ever happened. Such a s small market leaves us pretty much out in the weeds. Mike.


Thanks Mike......This is an

Thanks Mike......This is an amp I was thinking of buying.....I am hesitant to buy the amp without the badges....


I've got one

It's not the correct size for an RD-50 series though - it's the larger 4" size.


Esteban Camejo
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Hello wanted to buy one, I

Hello wanted to buy one, I have one mm HD 210. I think it's the same as you're mentioning.

Is there any way I can buy it?

Thanks greetings!


I'll post here if I dont get

Did not buy the amp and found no badging to help with this....


Small rectangular Badge for Music Man Bass Head reads 120B

Anyone have one available?


Logo for Music Man HD One Thirty Box

I am looking for the logo for a MusicMan HD One Thirty box.
Does anybody know where I may get one?


3D models for badges

Hey, one way would be to share 3D models of badges and use a 3D printer... do you know some guys who have done that ? would you be interested ?

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