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A little noise from Saturday night

The band was playing a Mardi Gras party on Saturday night and we were allowed to post this video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HouseBrandMusic/videos/1272225939532576/

I like this video because you can clearly hear our singer & rhythm guitarist's guitar - it's a Strat into an RD-50 110 and I'm using the usual Strat into HD130R and 210 cab. We were allowed to play it fairly loud in the room so could get a good crunch out of the guitar sound.



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Sound quality is GREAT. Just

Sound quality is GREAT. Just wish you were highlighted a little better so we could see your smiling face! Amps sound great (Damned strats) --JUST KIDDING!. Actually a good video but they need to get you playing the solo. Great stuff Lars. Mike.


Here's another one from last night (Joe Jackson cover)


The background vocals are passable at best (sorry!) - we were fooling around with a new monitor system and while it helped our lead singer somewhat, the bassist and I were prone to sing out of tune. We will continue the quest for good on stage vocal sound. Oh well... the guitars are not bad in this one. I'm playing my Fender Bullet which has a sound in between a Tele (the guitar body is a 7/8 size but otherwise the guitar 'wood part' is similar to a Tele) and Strat (the pickups are Strat pickups). I'm using the half size stack of HD130R head and 210X cab, Mark is playing the RD-50 110 at nosebleed level.

In the second verse I realized that my earplug was coming out and we normally go directly into the next song after this, and I'm singing so I had to think on the fly and only missed playing one or two notes.


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