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CB-1, Thermal Breaker, SB609C1G (datasheet attached)

My first post to what is a great resource!!
I am working on a HD130 that was hacked sometime ago. Many things have had improper repair attempts, mostly to the inlet and HV circuits (fuse holder was jumpered!). I found the thermal breaker was smashed; thus started an adderall focused search for information (perscriberd-ADHD). The great trash heap did not seem to provide much info on why this item would be in a musical amplifier; nor the general specifications. Alas, I have uncovered information hertofore not seen by me on the internets. If you are as curious about this CB-1 thermal breaker as I, please view the attached file and give me your thoughts on SB609C1G.
It appears to me as a device to protect your primary windings from the durable response of a slow blow fuse, acting as a light bulb load, breaking at 130 degrees C (if I read the specs right). These days something similar to this is built in some transformers and causes one to have to replace a "bad transformer"; would be better if it was like this, external and resetting.
This appears to have been a not so bad idea; an attempt to save the expensive heart of the amp. Maybe this should be replaced, or swapped with a comparable thermal bullet, instead of snipped out and tossed?