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Musicman Hd 112 One fifty

Does any one know any info on this particular combo amp.
I’ve never seen another one advertised, it says one fifty on the front and says 150 watts at the rear on the panel with serial number. Has an EV 12 speaker inside.
Judging by the decals, it’s an early 80’s model.


It's early 80s yes

This model was not in the 1980 catalogue but it does show in the 1982 price list, the official name being 112HD-150-EVM, listed at 58lbs shipping weight and msrp 940 dollars - same price as the 210HD-150 (with regular Eminence/MM speakers, you had to pay 1150 for the EVM version of this baby).

Hope this helps. Heavy but potentially great sounding machine in a manageable size.

Lars Verholt

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112 HD One fifty

Many thanks for your reply and the info you sent.
I was starting to think my amp had the badges fitted from another amp as I have a catalogue and couldn’t find any info on my model.
It is a great sounding amp, but not great for lifting in and out of a van due to the weight.
Not many here in the UK, and I did get a 210 seventy five shipped from the US which I had to get a new transformer fitted, it was so unreliable that I sold it on to a friend who wished they’d never purchased it.
My one fifty blows the odd fuse now and again, but in general it’s reliable.

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Never worked on one but DID

Never worked on one but DID have a 2-12 150 here that I took pics of after working on it. Would LIKE to see a pic of it i 1-12 config.. Mike


Saw one last year

Hey Mike, there was one on eBay last year, if memory serves, and I'm kicking myself for not grabbing pictures. I normally grab pictures for my collection whenever I see an interesting piece.


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sorry, took a photo but it

sorry, took a photo but it won’t upload as it’s says the file is too large.
Thanks for your comment anyway.

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