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Wonder if my 130-HD was made by same pro who did for Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

Wonder if my 130-HD was made by same pro who did for Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

I got this modified head more than 15 years ago. I don't remember from where. It is fully working, including exhause fan. I can feel that work was done professionally and might be on multiple units.

I have been trying to find out what codes "2" at front, "SL" and "35" on top and "13" on the back side are for (name of the band or player?) but I can't get. Also for years, I saw a listing in ebay for Joe Perry Project (Aerosmith) but did not pay attention until weeks ago.

After reading more about making, person who did and number of units, I started comparing my head with Joe's pictures. They look very similar. This includes front black aluminum face, fan vent slots, xlr inputs output and most incredibly, the stickers.

I have not planned to sell. Just want to learn more about it.


Wow! As a huge fan of Joe and

Wow! As a huge fan of Joe and Brad’s Music Man amps and tone from the 70's I would say that is almost certainly done by the same people. Andy Topeka (RIP) is the man who modified all of their amps (Joe and Brad had about 19 of the HD-130’s modified). Joe still has 2 of them. During much of 1977 the face plates (and controls) looked stock (like yours) but during 1978 Joe was using a more modified circuit with a different layout/controls on the faceplate (as in the one on the eBay listing you mentioned).

How does it sound compared to a stock HD-130? Can you post any pictures of the actual circuit board (chassis outside of the head case)? I may be able to tell if and what may have been modified in the actual circuit too (if you don't already know).

The picture here of Steven Tyler resting behind Joe's (and Tom's amps) shows the "13" on the back of 2 of Joe's heads and maybe a "14" on the backs of his other 2 heads (hard to tell exactly).

Awesome amp!! Very Jealous it looks great!
Cheers, Darren


SL = Stage Left

SL = Stage Left
35 = No of item to be placed on Stage Left
13 = Member of subset 13 if backline is to be split for rehearsals, smaller gigs, etc.

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