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Magnets!!! Yeah!


Douglas W. Fink (dfink)
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Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - 10:33 am:   

Hi All,

I recently had some hot-rod fun with my Fender (korean, I think- 80's) Squire Bullet 1. I was changing the strings, oiling the rosewood and
noticed that they kind of cheesed out on the pickups. I noticed on my fridge I had some super-high power magnets. The kind that go on the
back of a metal name tag from work. They are pretty strong. So I stuck one each on the back
of my 3 single coil pickups. I staggered the
neck up to the bass strings, the middle in the
middle, and the bridge down low on the treble-high
strings. Put it all back together, tuned up....and well, now it will be a bit longer till
I need (yeah right!) another guitar.

Long story short......Hot-rodding is fun, and easy....plus now I don't have to fork out 800$ for
a used G & L or Lead ][ !!

Have fun!

I haven't measured the amount of increase in output, but it sure drives the Musicman 210 that
I own...nicely!!! I just love that tube overdrive!